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XBOX One Kinect Voice CommandThe wonderful folks at have gotten an XBOX One early for review purposes. Based on the video review, the XBOX One’s voice controls are really nice. While they are still not perfect, the Kinect can hear commands very well and can typically figure out what you are attempting to say. The navigation works rather well with just a big of lag between the command and action. The XBOX One will allow you to control pretty much any activity except playing video games with your voice. The voice command technology within the XBOX One is light years ahead of the current PlayStation 4 with it’s optional earpiece and camera system.

The XBOX One’s voice commands consist of two types. The XBOX One has universal commands which can be accessed from anywhere outside of a video game. To specify a universal command you would need to begin with “XBOX “. For example saying “XBOX watch TV”, the XBOX would turn on the TV using a configured IR blaster and from their you could command the XBOX to watch specific channels, shows, or view the One Guide. You can call contacts via Skype by saying “XBOX Call “. The other type of commands on the XBOX One are specific to the current screen you are on. For example when on the TV, you can command the XBOX One to go to the guide or see what is on a specific channel from within the guide.

Checkout the video below to see how the XBOX One functions with voice commands. As mentioned earlier it is not perfect but it does work surprisingly well. As with everything it takes some time and practice to learn how to properly utilize the new voice command features. No doubt with time and console updates Microsoft will improve the functionality and potentially add additional commands and features to the XBOX One and Kinect.

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23 thoughts on “XBOX One Voice Control Demo

  1. I’m getting one for Christmas, however have no idea which one … I’ll get primarily COD games, and Bioshock, and EA Sports games. I likewise like to speak with headsets, and I understand both have them, but which has more onliners using headsets?
    Wow, you people went to town with these responses! Thank you all REALLY much!: P.

  2. I have an initial xbox and I have had it for like 7 years I guess it finally offered out and it won’t check out any discs anymore. So if I get an xbox 360 can I play my xbox games, primarily halo 1 and 2.

  3. I have constantly used Nintendo items and this will be my first time purchasing a game system that isn’t really Nintendo. The other two most significant game systems right now are the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and I was questioning which one would be better to purchase. I am honestly leaning towards the PS3 due to the fact that I like the fact that it has a Blu-Ray player and the live mode is free. The only thing that keeps me from picking the PS3 is that the Xbox has actually Kinect and that would be truly enjoyable to play Simply Dance without a controller; plus my buddy shared they had Fruit Ninja for the Kinect.
    Can you offer me pros and cons to each system and help sway my choice on which one I should get?
    Or should I await the next brand-new game system being that these have been out for a couple of years?

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