XBOX One smart enough to prevent itself from overheating

The latest next-gen console from Microsoft will be able to regulate its power to prevent damage to the system. According to Leo del Castillo, General Manager of Console Development for the XBOX Team, Micosoft would like to be able to prevent misuse of the system; but it cannot, so they made the XBOX One self-aware in an attempt to prevent potential issues.

The XBOX One will be aware of its internal temperature and when a temperature threshold is reached the console will have the fans run higher than normal to assist in cooling the unit down. If the increase in fan speed does not help, the XBOX One will then cycle down power ussage to cool itself off which will prevent hardware damage. If it does come to reducing cycles, the performance of the XBOX One will be degraded for a brief period of time.

xbox-one-heat-regulationThe XBOX 360 did not have the same ability as the XBOX One. If the unit got too hot, it would just power off and leave many gamers upset. The infamous red-ring of death plagued the XBOX 360. When it occured the XBOX 360 was dead and required professional service in order to be repaired. While Microsoft never officially released a root cause for red-ring of death problems, it is possible that overheating could have been a big cause. Micosoft has made a large stride with the XBOX One to prevent this from happening with their new console. The power cycle regulation within the XBOX One can actually be limited to the point where the unit utilizes no airflow. Here’s to hoping we don’t see anymore red-ring of death issues with the new next-gen console.

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  1. :(.

    Do you have to have Xbox live in order to play Team Fortress 2? Some people say you can play it without Xbox live, but it seems like you need to have it and I do not. Exactly how does the game work, anyhow?


  2. Ok So I ENJOY this game much better then CoD4! And i viewed some youtube videos on it and I saw that the PC gets updates, new maps, and new weapons … So I was questioning are they gonna include those updates to the Xbox 360 variation?

    please program source …

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