XBOX One Headset Adapter Needed For New Headsets


Microsoft will not release its previously-announced Xbox One Headset Adapter until ‘very early 2014’, and this adapter will certainly be needed to make use of brand-new third-party headsets – not just old ones.

The system holder has claimed formerly that the adapter will enable using current-gen headsets on the brand-new console, which uses a new port that’s incompatible with Xbox 360 headsets.

However confusion developed today when a press release from licensed headset producer Turtle Beach claimed that the company’s brand-new third-party Xbox One headsets, the XO 4 and XO 7, will not release up until Q1 2014 due to the lack of an adapter.

“Turtle Beach expects to launch the XO FOUR and XO SEVEN headsets for the Xbox One console in the first quarter of 2014,” stated the release to the press. “The Xbox One Headset Adapter, being constructed by Microsoft and supplied to Tutle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be offered until early 2014,” it went on to describe.

Turtle Beach corporate interactions rep David Lowey confirmed that the Microsoft-produced adapter will undoubtedly be required to utilize its brand-new Xbox One headsets, and that this adapter will certainly be featured in the box with stated headsets.

This seems an uncommon approach, given that it would have been anticipated that brand-new headsets made specifically for Xbox One would merely plug straight into the Xbox One operator’s proprietary information port.

This does, however, show up to offer Microsoft complete control over the manufacturing of third-party headsets for Xbox One.

Microsoft is yet to verify specifics on the adapter, such as release or pricing.

Like Xbox 360, the new Xbox One will certainly deliver with a fundamental chat-only headset featured in the box.

Lowey likewise verified that numerous Turtle Beach headsets – and, we anticipate, headset from various other brands – will certainly support PS4 at launch, although some models will certainly require a firmware upgrade to work with the brand-new console.

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28 thoughts on “XBOX One Headset Adapter Needed For New Headsets

  1. I have an xbox 360 arcade console with 4 games.

    Assassins Creed.
    NBA Street: Homecourt.
    Def Jam: Icon.
    WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2008.

    I plan on getting Call of Duty:4 for sure. I have wireless internet in my home and I am getting the cordless network adapter.
    But my concern is exactly what accessories do I need?

  2. I have an hdtv however it is not connected to my xbox with an hdmi cable television. I utilize part cables. I simply bought turtle coastline xbox headset. Can i just link it through my usb port on my xbox or do i require an audio adapter.

  3. I have an hdtv but it is not connected to my xbox with an hdmi cable. I use component cables. I just purchased turtle beach xbox headset. Can i just connect it through my usb port on my xbox or do i need an audio adapter.

  4. Hello is there anyway to use a PC Headset on an Xbox 360 headset without an Adapter cause i have a perfectly good PC Headset and i really want it to work for my Xbox let me know Please

  5. What do I need to connect my sons steelseries headset to his xbox 360. There was nothing in the box and no where on the xbox to connect. Adapter? Thanks

  6. jsut bought a Skullcandy Com TI which says it can be used for gaming (i assume on a PC) it has a seperate wires for the microphone and the headphones that are 3.5 mm is their any way that i can use this and adapt it down to a single 2.5 mm tip that i would need to play on xboxlive? i bought a splitter and an adapter to go to 2.5 but it wont work for the microphone i can hear people in my headphones but they can’t hear me talk. i assume its because the adapter wasnt made for a microphone just headphones any ideas?

  7. i require an Xbox Live Headset however not with the plug.

    Essentially i got this Text kit (its like a keyboard) for the xbox and it goes in where the headset would go in. But on the text piece, theres another plug to put in the headset, nevertheless, it does not have the part where the entire thing would go on that keeps it in location, just for the plug. It basically looks like a plug that you would plug into the speaker jack on the computer system, but smaller. I do not understand what to call it.

    Heres a picutre of the controller with the text piece connected, and on the bottom you can see where the headset would go.

    can any individual help me discover that? i need one for economical

  8. I’m searching for some multi-purpose gaming headsets which will work with an Xbox 360.
    I’m taking a look at around ₤ 100 can be over and under but that’s the amount of I have. I do not know much about headsets so if you do link me a couple then please describe the benefits and drawbacks.
    Also do they plug in the Xbox or TV? (or both?).
    -Work with Xbox 360.
    -₤ 100.
    -Good quality.


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