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During the XBOX One preview event that Microsoft held weeks prior to e3, one of the most talked about features was the new XBOX One Dashboard. The dashboard demo clearly explains why Microsoft decided to call their latest next-gen console the XBOX One. With the new dashboard and it’s integration with Kinect, the XBOX One can act as you one central hub for your home entertainment system. The XBOX One can integrate with your paid television provider, play DVDs and Blu-ray movies, play XBOX One games, surf the Internet, Skype and much more.

Switching between whatever you are doing on the XBOX One is extremely simple and blazing fast. With the Kinect everything can be spoken to the XBOX for instant switching. If playing a game, and someone wants to watch a movie, the game will pause where you left it when you command the XBOX to switch to a movie. When switching back to the game, you are exactly where you left off, with no reloading anything into memory. One of the coolest voice features of the XBOX One dashboard is the ability to search for programming using your voice. As the XBOX One integrates with your television provider, it can search the guide for whatever you’re looking for. If you know you want to watch a specific channel, you can tell the XBOX this as well.

Chatting with friends on your television has never been easier with Kinect and the XBOX One. Utilizing Skype, people can now easily communicate and see one another off of computer monitors and on today’s large screen televisions and projectors. The webcam has come a long way over the years in bringing people closer, but no longer will we need to be tied to a laptop or desktop computer. The XBOX One will help bring friends and families into our living rooms with Kinect and Skype.

Taking from some of Microsoft’s Windows technology, the XBOX One dashboard also utilizes Snap Mode, which allows for multitasking on the XBOX One. With Snap Mode, different applications can be pinned to different areas of the television screen. This will allow users of the console to utilize applications with playing a game, or surf the internet while watching a movie. Picture in Picture just got taken to a whole new level with the XBOX One dashboard.

Check out the video below for some of the content from the XBOX One reveal event that shows how amazing the new XBOX One dashboard truly is.

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38 thoughts on “XBOX One Dashboard

  1. i was altering my gamer picture and on the right side below my gamertag it says xbox dashboard and below it are 4 locked accomplishments what are they and exactly how do you unlock them thanks!

  2. I was going to tape screenshots of my Xbox Dashboard for a project however I decided versus it as I do not want to get a video capture card just for this.

    Does any individual know where I can find a collection of images of the brand-new xbox dashboard?

  3. I know the brand-new dashboard is coming out in Fall of 2008, however does anyone know the exact, or about exactly what month that it is going to come out

  4. I desire to understand if the xbox dashboard upgrade available for the xbox that’s white, which came out about 2006-7 … you know, not the orgional xbox, which came out in 2001, and not the Slim variation which came out fall 2010. I simply wish to know, since my xbox states that my xbox is upto date and stuff, however i have not got the new dashboard (the shiny one ). IF ANYBODY UNDERSTANDS WAYS TO GET THE NEW DASHBOARD PLEASE REPLY. ANY ANSWER WHICH IS CONSIDERATE WILL GET BEST !! thanks ahead of time:).

  5. i was altering my gamer photo and on the right side below my gamertag it states xbox dashboard and below it are 4 locked achievements what are they and exactly how do you open them thanks!

  6. We all understand that Microsoft is coming out with a new Dashboard and avatar update, my question is will xbox’s with he original dashboard have the ability to get the new dashboard? Or will it simply be for the brand-new xbox’s? First appropriate response 10 points

  7. fine i enjoy all the brand-new functions on the xbox !!! but what makes me mad is the brand-new design

    1. when i log in i don’t see my avatar,.
    2. everything is mashed up together on the display.
    3. my friends are not on a style on the dashboard.
    4. it looks precisely like the zune marketplace.

    who else concurs provide me your viewpoints please on the dashboard.

  8. i desire to understand if i should change my old dashboard to the brand-new one for the capability to copy games to the hardrive. also can you get the brand-new dashboard with the christmas bundle 360 benefit and can you get the brand-new dashboard with silver membershipo.

  9. Simply questioning if it was possible to copy the brand-new Xbox dashboard to a various Xbox. I have it on my tough drive and my girlfriend has a memory card; could I copy it over to hers?

  10. I just got a message while playing arkham city saying that my, recently downloaded, dlc is damaged, and I need to either; reinstall it, or delete. The game then kicked me to the dashboard where I searched and searched, but just cannot find my dlc. How do I find the dlc that I have downloaded so that I can delete it or download it again. Any help is appreciated.

  11. i wish to know if i must change my old dashboard to the new one for the ability to copy games to the hardrive. also can you get the new dashboard with the christmas bundle 360 professional and can you get the new dashboard with silver membershipo.

  12. I haven’t downloaded the brand-new Xbox 360 Dashboard yet, however I already hate it. So I have two questions.

    1) As quickly as I get linked to live will I have to download it? Will I ever have to download it. I like my current dashboard.

    2) Do I need to create the characters? I wouldn’t be stopped from playing any games and there aren’t any games that need them are there? Their a slit of Nintendo’s Miis anyhow.

  13. I was playing Split second demo and i quit the game and come to xbox dashboard and this error pops up (i dont remember everything it said) it said something like some features are unavailable and will be available after something but you are still able to check your profile and stuff.So i quit the error and see i dont have game marketplace,video marketplace etc. i only have my xbox,my friends and something else like when your not signed in.So does my xbox have problems?Xbox live is under maintenance?(on the xbox site it said. Users may experience difficulties with the following services:* that be the reason?)What should i do to fix this error?

  14. I downloaded the new dashboard upgrade and when ever i go on to netflix i don’t have the option anymore to get a activation code i just have the alternatives to begin a trial and indication in. Please aid: D.

  15. i wish to know if i need to change my old dashboard to the new one for the ability to copy games to the hardrive. also can you get the new dashboard with the christmas bundle 360 pro and can you get the brand-new dashboard with silver membershipo.

  16. I have recently acquired an original xbox and I want to soft mod it just for fun I cannot find a dashboard for it though please help

  17. So I was just wondering how I can get the new dashboard because ive seen many other people have it so I was just wondering how I can get the dashboard.

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