No Twitch Integration Means No Recorded Streaming of Games!

Twitch Integration still missing

Having the ability to stream recorded game play of Xbox One games was one of features Microsoft had touted prior to the release of the Xbox One game console.  Apparently this feature is still months away from becoming a reality leaving some customers a bit concerned and confused.

The wait for this online broadcasting service has some gamers complaining as Microsoft had highlighted it as a major feature when the console was announced last May. The live streaming innovation, which allows players to view other players battling it out online throughout a range of titles, operates on Twitch, a service specializing in media streaming. The service wasn’t readily available for Xbox One users when the console launched in November; however, Microsoft had stated that it would come out in sometime early in 2014.  Given that Microsoft mentioned it would be out in 2014, the service is still technically on time for release on the Xbox One. The news that has gamers a bit upset is that according to the Twitch support page on Twitter, Microsoft will not launch it any time in the near future with no estimated date of release available.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) launched with Twitch integration.  Reports currently show that Sony is offering over 20 percent of all PS4 traffic to the live streaming firm.  This report shows that the online streaming features is something that gamers are actually using and looking forward to. Twitch was launched in June 2011, and there are currently over 35 million viewers on Twitch each month, with the average audience watching an hour and a half a day, the business has actually asserted. The Twitch service could may be one of the reasons the Xbox One is not doing as well as the PS4 in global sales.  Hopefully Microsoft can work out the kinks in its online streaming offering and get Twitch integration functioning in the first quarter of 2014.

Check out the video below to see how to stream Twitch on a PS4 to see what Xbox One gamers are missing!

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30 thoughts on “No Twitch Integration Means No Recorded Streaming of Games!

  1. i was very shocked to read this i did not know that they did not integrate it! hmmm i think with all the time they had they would have thought a little more about this feature

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