Slurpee is having an XBOX One contest as well!

As if the Doritos and Mountain Dew contest wasn’t already an unhealthy way to win an XBOX One, it looks as if 7-11 stores are now holding a similar competition.   In order to participate in this new XBOX One contest, people need to head on down to their local 7-11 and purchase Slurpee products.

On each Slurpee cup, their is a code which can be used on the XBOX One Slurpee Sweepstakes site.  This contest is sweepstakes based with every entry participant having an equal shot at winning each day, similar to our XBOX One Contest.  The Slurpee sweepstakes allows participants to enter up to five times a day, with each entry costing 2 points.  Depending on the size of the Slurpee purchased decides the number of points awarded.  Patrons who purchase a small Slurpee get one point, a medium Slurpee will earn two points, and people can earn up to five points on special promotional cups.

Besides winning an XBOX One with Slurpee, they are also offering other prizes such as XBOX Live Gold Memberships like our contest.  Other prizes include 1600 Microsoft Point cards, XBOX Live Gold Starter Kits, and the following games: Wreckateer, The Maw, and Fable Heroes.  The contest is running from November 1, 2013 through December 2, 2014.


If your a big Slurpee fan I highly recommend you give this new contest a go!  In the mean time though keep earning points for our contest!  We only have a short time left before our lucky winners are drawn and we only have a couple of people who are close to winning an Xbox One!  The competition is heating up and we have seen a huge increase in promotion and traffic on the site!  People really want to win our contest and we appreciate everyone for participating.  It’s still not too late to enter to win an XBOX One with us!

A Fan of the SLurpee contest create the following ad as his own way of showing off the contest. Check it out below!

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26 thoughts on “Slurpee is having an XBOX One contest as well!

  1. For a brand-new game i am getting i would such as to acquire an upgrade bundle for it but it costs 400 pts. from exactly what i have seen it appears i necessary to spend for xbox live.

    Is this real ??

  2. Does any individual understand ways to gift points by means of Facebook for the mt. dew Xbox one every 2 minutes contest, i cant appear to figure it out


  3. For a new game i am getting i would like to acquire an upgrade cargo for it but it costs 400 pts. from what i have actually seen it looks as if i should spend for xbox live.

    Is this real ??

  4. MICHAEL ******,.

    Congratulations! You’ve been picked as a winner in the Mountain Dew ® “Xbox One Sweepstakes” at Walgreens.

    Microsoft will be introducing the Xbox One console around completion of November. We will be shipping your console (by means of UPS ground signature needed) right after that so anticipate to receive it by the second week in December.

    Congratulations once more and thank you for taking part in the Mountain Dew ® “Xbox One Sweepstakes” at Walgreens.
    Does this appear actual i enterd the contest and i got this but idk if its genuine what do you think.
    Edit * It does have a tracking number however the xboxone dosent delivered till decmember.

  5. I play Cod waw online and was wondering exactly how I might attempt to obtain sponsored, Im sure I need a clan. however someone assist me out a little bit, and how excellent would my K/D ratio have to be?

  6. Will Doritos and Xbox do an additional round of the Unlock Xbox contest? I have actually got a game idea I REALLY desire to submit!

  7. Exactly how much is an xbox … can you explain to me how xbox live works and the amount of it costs. I have to know this prior to i get and xbox 360:).

  8. Hello,.
    Exists any winners of the Every 2 Minutes contest that are gifting some of their indicate various other people attempting to win one? Please help me and various other players win an Xbox One. Thank you for reading.

  9. OK so on xbox live there is a halo reach contest
    right now it’s at REA
    but how whould I know if i was entered in one of the contest
    and indeed i have actually downloaded the player pic

  10. Alright, so i simply moved and my cord doesn’t reach so i needed to buy a 100 dollar wireless adapter trouble is not its not working, it says the signal is connected and the light is green i enter all those silly ip adresses and things nothing is working i don’t know exactly what else to do !!

  11. ok for christmas my dad stated i can get an xbox 360 or psp

    i currently have an ipod touch and a phone if that matters anyway witch is better and why! im a 12 year old kid that loves racing games and his mom wont let him purchase shooting games besides halo! ok assist please.

    oh and x box 360 or elite and psp without any bundle or with and witch one theyres god of war nfl madden 09 and theyres dexter something well for psp ok thanks

  12. is there any way in which i can find out if there are gaming contests in belfast console that is to win money

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