New XBOX One Contest Tutorial Video

What’s going on everyone!

Just wanted to give all your contestants a quick holiday present before the end of the year. We put together a short tutorial video which breaks down all of the ways you can quickly and easily earn points to qualify for the XBOX One, Xbox Live Gold Membership and Amazon Gift Cards. Take a look at the video below!

If you are serious about winning a prize in this contest it is highly recommend that you take a look at the video. It has some real gems regarding how to earn over a thousand points a day and how to share your contest link with people on Facebook who would be most likely to click on it, even if they are not your friends.

The video will detail all steps of the contest from entering, to linking your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. Linking all of these types of accounts will definitely give you an edge in the contest as you will be able to earn a lot of points with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Linking your YouTube account is where the real points can be earned though! Be sure to see how to earn thousands of points from YouTube in the video just by uploading content and leaving your unique contest link in the description of your videos.

As always we wish all of our contest participants the best of luck and hope that this new video can assist you in reaching the top ranks!

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38 thoughts on “New XBOX One Contest Tutorial Video

  1. i just do not understand the you tube that much i would love to figure it out because i am losing very valuable points ty!

  2. Is there a method to get complimentary Xbox live without needing to download 20 various things and 7 different sites?

  3. I understand ways to get it cost-free but it wont let me when I go to sign up on xbox live and when I get to part where it lets me pick what memebership I want and the silver one states its $0.00 I click that and finish the rest of the sign up and when its dounloding the profile it stops and states there is no charge card information try once more

  4. Dosage anybody understand ways to get free xbox live ?? I tried very thing but still no xbox live! Please assist! I wish to play cod !!;(.

  5. hey, I have actually been swindled from one of my gold cards, and it stated something like not validated so i was questioning if anybody has any spare xbox live cards. it would be more suitable if you emailed it to me, thank you.

    P.S. and no prize rebel and rewards1.

  6. Dosage any individual understand ways to get complimentary xbox live ?? I attempted extremely thing however still no xbox live! Please assist! I want to play cod !!;(.

  7. I bought an Xbox off craigslist and it’s about 6 months old. I Didn’t buy it brand new out of the box so I don’t have the free 1 month subscriprion it comes with. Is there any way I can get Xbox live 1 month free withought buying it brand new? Don’t I have to create a profile or something?

  8. i need help to obtain complimentary xbox live i have perhaps 10 days left of my xbox live and im broke and i had a 3month xbox live

  9. My papa is determined that xbox live gold will be cost-free at some point after christmas. We’ve viewed google etc and discovered nothing and i still do not think him even though I ‘d like too. but he says that he has actually checked out in his COMPUTER magasines a number of times that gold membership will be complimentary. however he doesn’t have the magasines to show me the articles. Does anyboduy know anything.

    Please do not scream unhelpful abuse at me i simply need to know exactly what everyone else understands.

  10. I don’t actually feel like purchasing xbox live however i still want it exists somewhere i can go to get like complimentary codes or something?

  11. i currently asked this however it was nothing however silly answers like buy a new card duh i understand that already haha

    my concern is does anyone understand ways to get cost-free xbox live without paying for it and without prize rebel or any of thoose sites where you complete serveys !!

  12. Exists a means to obtain free Xbox live without having to download 20 different things and 7 various websites?

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