New XBOX One Contest Tutorial Video

What’s going on everyone!

Just wanted to give all your contestants a quick holiday present before the end of the year. We put together a short tutorial video which breaks down all of the ways you can quickly and easily earn points to qualify for the XBOX One, Xbox Live Gold Membership and Amazon Gift Cards. Take a look at the video below!

If you are serious about winning a prize in this contest it is highly recommend that you take a look at the video. It has some real gems regarding how to earn over a thousand points a day and how to share your contest link with people on Facebook who would be most likely to click on it, even if they are not your friends.

The video will detail all steps of the contest from entering, to linking your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. Linking all of these types of accounts will definitely give you an edge in the contest as you will be able to earn a lot of points with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Linking your YouTube account is where the real points can be earned though! Be sure to see how to earn thousands of points from YouTube in the video just by uploading content and leaving your unique contest link in the description of your videos.

As always we wish all of our contest participants the best of luck and hope that this new video can assist you in reaching the top ranks!

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38 thoughts on “New XBOX One Contest Tutorial Video

  1. any individual know a link to get cost-free microsoft points for xbox live? every website consists of studies and viruses, or if your generous adequate simply send me the code for a points card

  2. to me xbox live sucks and i have no idea why i should need to spend for it that’s why i have a ps3 and i play psn free of cost however my brother plays my xbox 360 an he requires a free code so he can play Call of task Zombies on black ops can anyone spare a code? please do not tell me how i can do surveys or full offers to get one either i need one below and right now or i require a really fast method to obtain one besides going to the store and buying one since im only 13 and i live extremely away from gamestop thankyou
    firstly crazy can just fuck off i do have a brother and my stepdad purchased me that black ops game you prick he plays it and he is 15 which is not eligible for a task here in north carolina you a$$hole.
    WELL if my parents unlike your’s didn’t work in the military coming home tired each day offering me sorry ass reasons for why they can not take me to gamestop then i would be asking but it’s so comical exactly how i need to spend for an online service (like $hitbox live) which lags horribly when i can play PSN free of charge and SONY doesn’t charge a DIME … Firstly Spending for online is one point however DAMN IF YOUR GONNA MAKE United States PAY TO PLAY ONLINE SHOULD N’T DLC BE FREE? Nooooooooo microsoft is just to money grubbing to even make an exeption of free dlc you have to pay for everything you desire after you have gold which is sad.
    * edit * that was for my Birthday which was over 9 months ago KNOW IT ALL.

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  5. I do not really seem like buying xbox live however i still want it exists someplace i can getting like cost-free codes or something?

  6. The leading contestant has 2700 Points and in second is 295 Points??? something aint right

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