New XBOX One Commercial Released

Microsoft marketing has continued to ramp up in preparation for the XBOX One release.  A new commercial called Invitation has been hitting the airwaves all over the place recently.  Take a look at the commercial below:

You can see scenes from the upcomming Fifa 14, Forza Mortorsports 5, and maybe even a hint at Left 4 Dead 3.  The commercial also features a cameo from Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto.  The video gives another brief overview of the possibilities of multi-tasking within the XBOX One, and the features of Kinect and voice command.

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22 thoughts on “New XBOX One Commercial Released

  1. They told me it was worth 15$, but when i browsed on the playstation store, i discovered you cannot get simply the dlc, however have to buy the season pass wich is 50$. Somebody could tell me if there is any way to get just the dlc or i really SHOULD purchase all the period pass.

  2. The games the commercials reveal games, however it dosn’t make it for xbox. Why, ITS EXTREMELY EXTREMELY INDICATE !!

    the controllers for ps2 and xbox are the exact same. The black and white button on xbox can be l2 and r2 on ps2.
    what about wii ??

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