Microsoft Official XBOX One Controller and Headset Prices Announced.

k-bigpic[1]We may just have to hold a giveaway for XBOX One Controllers and Headsets as well here at Free XBOX One the way Microsoft is pricing these things.  When it comes to console gaming, very few consumers ever just have a single controller and the financial gurus at Microsoft are well aware of this.  The new XBOX One controller is set to be priced at $59.99, and if you want to go for a Play and Charge Kit, it will set you back $74.99.  While the design of the new controller is nice and all, I don’t think it justifies such a large increase in price from previous XBOX console controllers.

Also it is unclear at this time if the XBOX One will ship with a headset, but Microsoft plans to charge $24.99 for their official headset.  Microsoft also plans to sell adapters to allow other types of headsets to work with the XBOX One.  Consumers need to be aware that the XBOX One is not compatible with either the XBOX 360 controllers, nor the XBOX 360 headset.

Let us know how you feel about the pricing of these items in the comment section and whether or not you think we should hold another giveaway for these accessories!

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