Microsoft Offering $100.00 Off An Xbox One and Free Xbox One Giveaway YouTube Update

I was down in Palo Alto over the weekend visiting some friends at Stanford. While wandering around the Stanford Shopping Center I walked past a Microsoft Store.  I have seen tons of Apple Stores at pretty much every mall I have ever been to, but this was my first Microsoft Store.  As I walked by, in the window I saw an interesting promotional poster.  Check it out below.

Discount Xbox One Trade In OfferI found the offer pretty interesting on Microsoft’s part.  Granted Microsoft is not having any promotions in their stores where you can win a free Xbox One like us, it is still an interesting offer.  Side bar for one moment while we are on the topic of our free Xbox One giveaway, their is still plenty of time to enter our Xbox One contest!  Even if you do not win an Xbox One from our free Xbox One giveaway, you can still win some other great prizes such as Xbox Live Gold Memberships and Amazon gift cards!  The sooner you enter our free Xbox One contest, the better chance you have of earning your point to qualify for the prizes!

Back to the Microsoft Store offer.  I went inside to check the store out and asked a sales person how well the promotion was working.  He said it was doing really well and a lot of people were trading in their PS3 consoles for the discount.  We all know that the Xbox One is far superior to the PlayStation 3 so I have no reason to doubt the sales person’s response.  As we here at free Xbox One always want to provide you with the best and legit discounts for the next-gen console as we as other free Xbox One giveaway opportunities we wanted to bring this option to your attention.

We also wanted to provide you with an update to our free Xbox One giveaway YouTube issues.  We are still trying to work with YouTube on why our original account got disabled and in the mean time decided to create a new free Xbox One contest account with YouTube so that everyone in the contest could still comment on our videos and subscribe to our channel and earn points for our Xbox One contest.  We uploaded just a couple of videos in which nothing violated YouTube’s terms and did not even make them public to everyone on YouTube.  Regrettably our free Xbox One giveaway videos were again flagged and removed by YouTube.  YouTube claims they they review all flagged videos but we here at free Xbox One find that extremely hard to believe.  We think we are under attack by some competitor site who is angry that we are legitimate and actually being true with our Xbox One giveaway instead of scamming people making them fill out surveys or downloading junk files just to fatten the website owners wallet.  We have already given away one free Xbox One, two Xbox Live Gold Memberships and three Amazon gift cards in 2013 and plan on doing it again throughout 2014 and going forward!

Luckily our new YouTube channel is still active at the time of this writing and we are again in contact with YouTube to appeal the free Xbox One contest videos being removed.  You can still earn points by subscribing to our free Xbox One giveaway channel.  Until we get the flagging issue resolved though you will not be able to comment on our Xbox One contest videos though.  You can still upload your own videos to YouTube and put in your unique contest link found on your personal Xbox One contest page in the description.  Each video you upload, whether it be contest related or not will earn you 100 points! Just be sure to integrate your YouTube account into your free Xbox One giveaway page to unlock these options.  Full details can be seen near the end of our free Xbox One giveaway tutorial video.


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29 thoughts on “Microsoft Offering $100.00 Off An Xbox One and Free Xbox One Giveaway YouTube Update

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  2. hello there, I have actually been swindled from one of my gold cards, and it shared something like not confirmed so i was wondering if any person has any spare xbox live cards. it would be preferable if you emailed it to me, thank you.

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  3. Hello there.
    I simply boght a Xbox360 Elite and i purchased Halo 3. I created a Xbox Live account, and i was offered a 1month gold cost-free trial. I now attempt to play Halo 3 but it seems that it wont let me play the matchmaking lobby, just customized and campaign therefore, however not matchmaking.
    Is it due to the fact that it’s a free trial or so?:).

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  5. I want Halo 4 for cost-free, i got a HP Pocket Media Drive (Much like a flashdrive but larger) and i do not wish to put games on blank disks i desire it on a flash drive! Does XGD3 games work on my flashdrive? I don’t get anything about Xbox 360 Modding or pirating or whatever.

  6. I need to know how to get free Xbox LIVE Gold membership. WITHOUT needing to do studies or any of that foolishness.

  7. exists any kind souls out there who want to give my a code for a free month of xbox live that do not require it. that would be outstanding. EASY 10 POINTS!

  8. Can anyone inform me why xbox live is not complimentary, cuz i’m on psn, but it can play online with close friends right?
    it’s simply like playstation plus right?

  9. exists complimentary xbox live now because when i wish to their page it shared Free. Xbox Live. as well as my friend who didnt buy a card for xbox live membership really played online the other day.

  10. Is it true that the ads on sites give u a free xbox 360 simply by offering them ur e-mail or zip code? or is it just a skam so u can get a great deal of email from sites.

  11. I have actually always thought Xbox Live was costly. My idea is to make Xbox Live cost-free after a one year subscription. Microsoft can display ads between while you are in matchmaking and looking for games. It’s not such as anything crucial is on the display at that time. Wouldn’t that even the cost? Let microsoft conscious and send them this idea as a suggestion!

  12. My daddy is adamant that xbox live gold will be complimentary at some point after christmas. We’ve looked on google etc and discovered absolutely nothing and i still do not think him even though I ‘d like too. but he says that he has reviewed in his COMPUTER magasines a number of times that gold subscription will be complimentary. however he doesn’t have the magasines to reveal me the short articles. Does anyboduy understand anything.

    Please do not yell purposeless abuse at me i simply wish to know what everyone else knows.

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