McDonald’s is also giving away XBOX One Consoles and other prizes.

Another popular food company has just jumped on the XBOX One contest train.  Following in the footsteps of Mountain Dew, Doritos and Chef Boyardee, our favorite fast food clown mascot is now also holding an XBOX One contest.  McDonald’s plans to give out 14,000 XBOX One gaming systems, each containing a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 in its One Hot Holiday instant win game.  In order to enter this new contest, people need to get either a medium order of fries, a premium McWrap, or a quarter pounder.  The best thing about this contest is that every order contains a winning game piece.  This does not mean you are guaranteed to win an XBOX One, but you will walk away with some sort of prize.

Should you want to enter but not want purchase any of the qualifying items, you can request a game piece by mailing a self addressed stamped envelop to McDonald’s per their FAQ.  People can request up to 500 game pieces via mail; however each game piece requires its own self addressed stamped envelop and requests cannot be combined in bulk.  The One Hot Holiday game is scheduled to run from December 3, 2013 through December 23, 2013.

Some of the other prizes include an XBOX Music Pass and XBOX Live Gold Membership for a month, XBOX Live Gold Membership for one month, The Maw game download for XBOX 360,  Ms. Splosion Man game download for XBOX 360, Aqua game download for XBOX 360, The Wolverine digital HD  movie  as well as a few FOX series on Xbox Video.  If you want to learn more about the McDonald’s One Hot Holiday contest click here to visit the contest site. Check out the commercial for the contest below.

We just finished shipping out all of our prizes in our first XBOX One Giveaway!  We will be holding a brand new contest very soon.  Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for up to the minute information on our posts as we will definitely announce the start of the contest in those locations.

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