Lucky gamers get XBOX One shipped to them early!

Microsoft mistakenly ships Xbox One consoles a couple of weeks early due to a mistake with Target shipping systems early.  The mistake has already gotten one user blocked from using the Xbox One console after posting pictures and videos online.  After one consumer posted pictures of the console on Twitter and put a video on YouTube, Microsoft banned the user from his Xbox One till its launch on November 22. A minimum of three per-orders have obviously been delivered early, with one briefly detailed on eBay.

In a statement, Microsoft confessed that a small amount of XBOX One consoles had been unintentionally delivered early. “Due to a retail partner’s system concern, an extremely small number of XBOX One systems were delivered to consumers before the street date”, Microsoft stated.

“We’re pleased to see the initial feedback to XBOX One has actually been so positive, however we are still putting the finishing touches on our games, UI and online services, along with private partner and media arrangements, these consoles will be restricted from linking to XBOX Live until closer to our launch date.”.

According to one client who received the console early the console takes “about 15-20 seconds” to load and the initial patch is already online and ready to be downloaded and applied.

The XBOX One is the long-awaited follow-up to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, launched in 2005. Earlier in the launch, Microsoft had to back down on it’s initial plans for trading and used games as well as the always on requirement for routine internet connections for the Xbox One.  According to Microsoft though the pre-orders sold out a lot quicker than at other time in their history.

The Xbox One will cost $499.00 and will utilize voice commands and motion noticing to recognize users and enable them to switch over in between games, live TV and Skype with a Kinect gadget that includes the console.  Their is still time to win an XBOX One with us and save yourself some serious cash!  Be sure to visit our contest page and enter to win an XBOX One!

See the video below for more information on the XBOX One shipping error and one of the lucky gamers who got the console early!

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