Legendary Game Developer, John Carmack talks XBOX One at Quakecon

John Carmack from Id Software was the keynote speaker at Quakecon.  During his address he didn’t shy away from the topic of the next-gen gaming consoles to be released later this year.  In Mr. Carmack’s opinion, both the Playstaion 4, and the XBOX One are going to be “very close.”  While Carmack prefers the XBOX 360 over the Playstation 3 in the current console wars, he feels that Sony has made some large strides to close the gap when it comes to developer friendliness.  For those unaware, developing games on the Playstation 3 was a lot more difficult than on the XBOX 360 or Wii console due to the cell processor architecture.  Sony has simplified the development process by going back to a more standard x86 architecture.  With this move, developers will be able to create new content for the Playstation 4 a lot easier than it would have been on the Playstation 3.  With this move from Sony, Carmack cannot call a clear cut winner in the upcoming console war.

When it comes to Microsoft’s innovative product the Kinect, Carmack does not enjoy the experience that Kinect provides.  Carmack calls the experience “fundamentally a poor interaction.”  Carmack stated “Kinect is sort of like a zero button mouse with a lot of latency.”  The reactions at Quakecon to Mr. Carmack’s opinions on the Kinect were mixed with applause and boos from the audience.

If you want to see the entire keynote address from Quakecon and hear all of John Carmack’s opinions on the current and next gen consoles check out the video below.


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