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In Microsoft’s latest media ad for the Xbox One, Microsoft wants to detail how immersive your gaming experience is when playing on the next-gen console.  The ad revolves around a man who is in the middle of playing Ryse: Son of Rome.  The ad gives the impression that the player is so into his game and the realism of the game play and graphics that he is no longer able to tell if the injuries sustained are real or fake.  The tag line of this new ad spot states “If it were any more real, it would be real”.  While the immersive theme is nothing new to the Xbox One advertising blitz, this commercial takes things to another level.  You can view the new commercial below.

If you want to experience just how immersive the Xbox One is be sure to enter our Xbox One giveaway.  Our contest is still going strong and you have plenty of time to win your Xbox One!  If you have yet to play on the Xbox One, it is an amazing console and Ryse: Son of Rome is definitely worthy of praise on the next-gen system.

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25 thoughts on “Latest Xbox One Ad

  1. I have both an Xbox 360 S and a PS3 Super Slim and I truly just play my PS3. I can get more titles for PS3 and have cost-free online play. The only game I have that I play on the Xbox is Skyrim and I can get that for PS3. I have even more reasons to offer it than to keep it however I just figured I would ask for some viewpoints. I do not such as Halo that much either so … Should I keep my Xbox or offer it?

  2. ok so after a decade of PC gaming iam tired of that compatibility problems so iam willing to buy a gaming console for me special titles dosent count for me that much because iam brand-new to consoles i require a good advice that which console to purchase? which is better and exactly how? i know that their life span is about to end but that dosent matter. thanks in advance.

  3. I got a brand-new hard disk for my xbox 360. I presumed that the transfer kit cam with every harddrive, this is not the case. So I require assistance discovering one of those transfer kits … Please aid !!!!

  4. After calling the Xbox aid line they informed me I should by hand install the current patch – and yet there internet site is so complicated I merely can not discover it on the site. Can anybody offer me a link to the newest upgrade please?

  5. I’m aiming to discover even more good friends on xbox live. My GT is Nubforlyfe. I’ll accept any good friend requests

  6. Ok Im uncertain that the concern rather fits the desc haha however would anybody like to play the games:.
    Halo Wars.
    Halo Reach.
    Left 4 Dead.
    Modern Warfare 2.
    I enjoy these games. Theyre not all my games … But Im searching for some individuals to play with so if your interested ad me my gamertag is lStealth- thats an L prior to the Stealth, NOT AN I haha.

  7. I’m wishing for rates lower than microsoft repair work, so if anybody knows a of location with excellent service and a low cost that would be remarkable.

  8. So I have a Silver Account and there is an Advertisement for One Month Gold free of cost however whenever I attempt to get it a message pops up saying ‘Cannot retrieve information from Xbox LIVE, Please try again later on. Condition Code: 80070057″.


  9. I was thinking about getting it when it’s released, but everybody is informing me that that would be a bad concept. I do not get it, can somebody explain ??

  10. It’s been only COMPUTER, PS3 and Wii have in their leaflets as of late, and I questioned if there was a reason.

  11. Traded my xbox 360 to someone on craigslist. I found their ad, it was not my post. I told them I had a 360 and listed all my games and what it came with. They never asked if the HDD was included. When I traded it I didn’t include the HDD. Several days later they are now saying there boyfriend is a cop and there uncle is a judge and they are “pressing charges” for “stealing” since I didn’t include a hard drive. Is this even possible?

  12. I just bought xBox live for my xBox 360. Aside from getting my butt kicked in all-pro/madden difficulty, I really like this game.

    Here’s my question:

    I put all my settings on rookie/beginner because I want to play people of equal skill level. For some reason my skill level never changes. It always says I am on all pro/madden or whatever it says.

    How do I ensure that I play another rookie in the quick match/play option?

    Is there another place to play rookies like me?

    Also, I put the options to match someone with an equal skill level, but it always matches me with an all madden/pro user.

    I at least want a chance to win for being a noob to online gaming.

    So yeah, how do I make sure I play another rookie?

    Is there a place with more options?


  13. I simply read evaluations for the 360 advertisement it stated the red ring of fatality will occur to you faster or later. If i take care of the console will it still get the red ring of fatality ??

  14. I was thinking of getting it when it’s released, but everyone is telling me that that would be a bad idea. I don’t get it, can someone explain??

  15. I’m going to buy a PS3 since I check out these on web, are they true?

    – It can not play Blu-ray discs.
    – Its failure rate is 30-40 %.
    – You need to pay for online services.
    – Red Ring of Fatality is really typical.
    – You need to send your console to Xbox to obtain it fixed.
    – You need to buy a 150$ hardware to play only HD DVDs.
    – Its louder as compared to various other consoles.
    – Its power supply adapter is like a brick.
    – It does not have bluetooth.
    – It does not have built-in wifi.
    – It does not have internet browser.
    – It isn’t really in reverse compatible.
    – Microsoft customer care is badly ranked.
    – Numerous Xboxs are taken in mails.
    – Its Video Game DVDs are more expensive even when they are just regular DVDs as as compared to Blu-ray of PS3.
    – Destroys the discs quickly.
    – There are 2-3 DVDs for numerous titles.
    – Over-heats quickly.
    – Xbox live have ads.
    – Have to replace the batteries.
    – Halo 3 is overrated.
    – Just Elite has the HDMI support.
    – In-game advertisments are also present.

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