Latest Xbox One Ad

In Microsoft’s latest media ad for the Xbox One, Microsoft wants to detail how immersive your gaming experience is when playing on the next-gen console.  The ad revolves around a man who is in the middle of playing Ryse: Son of Rome.  The ad gives the impression that the player is so into his game and the realism of the game play and graphics that he is no longer able to tell if the injuries sustained are real or fake.  The tag line of this new ad spot states “If it were any more real, it would be real”.  While the immersive theme is nothing new to the Xbox One advertising blitz, this commercial takes things to another level.  You can view the new commercial below.

If you want to experience just how immersive the Xbox One is be sure to enter our Xbox One giveaway.  Our contest is still going strong and you have plenty of time to win your Xbox One!  If you have yet to play on the Xbox One, it is an amazing console and Ryse: Son of Rome is definitely worthy of praise on the next-gen system.

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