FIRST LOOK! | Unboxing the XBOX One!

Today Microsoft released the XBOX One unboxing video on their XBOX Wire blog. You can view the video below!

The video shows Major Nelson unboxing an XBOX One Day One Edition system. This version includes special day one packaging, a digital achievement, and a special day one controller. Also included of course is the Kinect camera. Quantities of this edition of the XBOX One system are going to be limited at retailers at launch. The new Kinect camera will feature 1080p resolution, Infrared blasting functionality, and a 4 microphone array. The XBOX One controller will be wireless, but also have the ability to be plugged in using a Micro-USB cable. The same cable can be utilized to charge the rechargeable batteries with the Play and Charge kit sold separately. It’s finally been confirmed in this video that the XBOX One will indeed come with a headset. The quality of the audio sampling rate has increased three fold on the XBOX One compared to the XBOX 360. Similar to the XBOX 360 headset, the new one can be worn on either user’s left or right ear and have a bendable rotating boom microphone. Gamers will be able to control mute and volume directly from the controller! A long overdue cable finally included with the XBOX One is an HDMI cable for high end graphics. The network interface will support the following wireless protocols: A, B, G, and N. It can also operate at 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies. Of course the XBOX One also includes it’s power cord and power supply, along with an owners manual and sticker.

When the XBOX One console is removed from the box, Major Nelson details the features. The XBOX One is liquid black, with a slot loading Blu-ray drive, it has a USB 3.0 port on the side, and on the back he details all of the main ports. From left to right, the ports are as follows: Power, HDMI Out, Optical Audio Out (S/PDIF), HDMI In (for use with Satellie/Cable box input devices), 2 USB 3.0 ports, Kinect IR Blaster port, IR Out Port, Gigabit Ethernet port, and lastly a Kensington security lock.

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22 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK! | Unboxing the XBOX One!

  1. I would like some advice on what to use to record xbox 360 videos with. I’ve been wanting too get into game-play videos for sometime for YouTube but I’ve just now taken a big interest in it. The reason is for the upcoming Halo Reach game. I plan on getting (and recording the unboxing) of the legendary edition, and I would really like to also make a play/walkthrough.

    So I obviously need a good recording device. Problem is I’m new to all of this, and I have NO clue what to use. I don’t really need HD, but it would be cool. I just care about audio and good quality (not necessarily HD). I’m using an 08-09 (I forget) Toshiba Vista Laptop for basically everything, so I’m a bit worried about lag.

    I’ve heard mostly about capture cards and recently an HD PVR. I looked at the HD PVR and it’s out of my price range. So, what should I use? And how much would it cost (I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars)?

    Thanks, and the best answer will get the best answer. =D

  2. Im aiming to switch my ps3 slim for an xbox 250gb, just how much establishment credit will i receive at smash hit for an unboxed slim PS3 250gb.

    I would ring them and ask but every time I ring my neighborhood one its engaged x_x


  3. I would such as some recommendations on exactly what to use to tape xbox 360 videos with. I have actually been wanting too enter game-play videos for at some point for YouTube but I have actually simply now taken a huge interest in it. The reason is for the upcoming Halo Reach game. I prepare on getting (and tape-recording the unboxing) of the legendary edition, and I would truly such as to likewise make a play/walkthrough.

    So I undoubtedly require an excellent recording device. Trouble is I’m brand-new to all of this, and I have NO hint what to utilize. I don’t actually need HD, but it would be cool. I just care about audio and great quality (not necessarily HD). I’m utilizing an 08-09 (I forget) Toshiba Vista Laptop computer for essentially everything, so I’m a bit worried about lag.

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    Thanks, and the best response will get the very best response. =D.

  4. hello again. i want to create a gameplay video for the wii with commentary then put it on youtube.

    which capture card should i get?
    Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder OR Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator OR Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Platinum?

  5. I’m planning on buying an Xbox 360 Elite Spring Bundle from Dubai. (The one that comes with Halo ODST and Forza 3). What’s the price of the bundle in Dubai? (in USD, if possible)

  6. Hey, so I was just wondering if anyone understood of a simple method to get the German version of video games in the United States. Some of the ones that I’m aiming to get would be like the FIFA series and Mass Effect 3(clearly when it comes out). This is mainly simply to compel myself to concentrate on German, since I’m trying to improve my conversational skills. So, if any person knows of site in the US that sell the German versions or some various other way of getting them, I ‘d significantly appreciate it!

  7. I have a media center 2005 edition COMPUTER and an Xbox 360 and searching for sources other than the Xbox Live Market Location to rent movies. Questioning if Amazon’s Unbox fits the ticket.

  8. I want to make a YouTube video. I want something that works for origianal Xbox, xbox 360 and playstaition 3 if their is anything. Please tell me what website.

  9. what does reconditioned indicate? exactly what is the difference in between th regular console and the reconditioned one?

  10. Basically, i need to know what to look for. What chip am i supposed to look for and the year. I also keep reading about a code. If you have any information regarding the Xbox 360 elite, Please let me know. I don’t care how small or large the information is, just let me know. Thank you for your time.

  11. Hey everyone. I just got a new tv (Vizio 37″ LCD 120hz internet apps) yesterday and unboxed it. Anyways, it’s way more complex than my last one which I never had to adjust, and after about a day I figured out that all of it’s settings were on 50%. I’m trying to fix it, and moved the brightness to 70 and the contrast to 30 which looks okay. I was just wondering if that’s a normal setting or what, because people told me that it should be 80/80, but when I do that, all the white is super intense. Also there are other things like, color, tint, and sharpness which are all on 50%. Should I change any of those? Thanks.

    (I mostly use the TV for xbox, if that matters at all, but the settings change from different inputs so yeah. This is for xbox.)

    I posted this is TV, but got pretty much no help, so I’m posting here. Thanks.

  12. So I pre-ordered a Halo 4 and I think the console looks actually cool, particularly in the approved German unboxing video. A lot of individuals are grumbling about the look or the cost of it. It looks like it is a really excellent offer for 2 controllers and a brand name new game along with a larger hard disk. It is kind of alienating some gamers by not providing the LE version in the console and in reality, it probably would have sold more if they did include it.

    I will likewise admit that I put off getting an xbox for years since I lived with roomies or I was a poor college kid. So I don’t have an Xbox.

    I understand individuals are also suspecting the brand-new console will be revealed next year and come out in 2014, however that’s 2 years away. I personally think they will wait till 2015 to in fact release it. I likewise don’t mind playing older and utilized games on the console instead of purchasing a brand-new console when it initially comes out due to the fact that I don’t seem like belonging of the “Red Ring of Death” circle.

  13. My close friend and I ask to post a funny kill that we did on a personal match to youtube. Please tell me the best ways to do it for Xbox 360 with minimal purchases and great quality.

  14. exactly how much would i get for a ps2 with 59 games, a psp with 5 games and an xbox 360 with 6 games? all unboxed. 360 features two cordless remotes and one wired and ps2 features two wired remotes both official. would i be able to manage a ps3? ill trade in anywhere?

  15. my computer system is all the means upstairs but my xbox is down stairs i do not have a Laptop i wish to record call of task black ops i did it in theater mode however i desire something longer then 30 sec exists any way to do it with a USB drive? i need some alternatives

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