FIRST LOOK! | Unboxing the XBOX One!

Today Microsoft released the XBOX One unboxing video on their XBOX Wire blog. You can view the video below!

The video shows Major Nelson unboxing an XBOX One Day One Edition system. This version includes special day one packaging, a digital achievement, and a special day one controller. Also included of course is the Kinect camera. Quantities of this edition of the XBOX One system are going to be limited at retailers at launch. The new Kinect camera will feature 1080p resolution, Infrared blasting functionality, and a 4 microphone array. The XBOX One controller will be wireless, but also have the ability to be plugged in using a Micro-USB cable. The same cable can be utilized to charge the rechargeable batteries with the Play and Charge kit sold separately. It’s finally been confirmed in this video that the XBOX One will indeed come with a headset. The quality of the audio sampling rate has increased three fold on the XBOX One compared to the XBOX 360. Similar to the XBOX 360 headset, the new one can be worn on either user’s left or right ear and have a bendable rotating boom microphone. Gamers will be able to control mute and volume directly from the controller! A long overdue cable finally included with the XBOX One is an HDMI cable for high end graphics. The network interface will support the following wireless protocols: A, B, G, and N. It can also operate at 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies. Of course the XBOX One also includes it’s power cord and power supply, along with an owners manual and sticker.

When the XBOX One console is removed from the box, Major Nelson details the features. The XBOX One is liquid black, with a slot loading Blu-ray drive, it has a USB 3.0 port on the side, and on the back he details all of the main ports. From left to right, the ports are as follows: Power, HDMI Out, Optical Audio Out (S/PDIF), HDMI In (for use with Satellie/Cable box input devices), 2 USB 3.0 ports, Kinect IR Blaster port, IR Out Port, Gigabit Ethernet port, and lastly a Kensington security lock.

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  2. Im aiming to exchange my ps3 slim for an xbox 250gb, the amount of establishment credit will i receive at hit for an unboxed slim PS3 250gb.

    I would ring them and ask but whenever I call my local one its engaged x_x


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