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Win A Free Xbox One Contest

Enter Our Contest Below For Your Chance to Win A Free Xbox One!

We are holding a free Xbox One Giveaway whereby lucky winners can take home an Xbox One, Xbox Live Subscriptions, and Amazon Gift Cards!  Our Free Xbox One Giveaway is quick and easy to join and costs you nothing!


Our Third Free Xbox One Giveaway has come to a close.  Be sure to check out our social media pages for updates on when we will be launching our next free Xbox One giveaway!  Please use our Facebook, Google+, or Twitter pages to keep up to date with or latest news!  We hope to start our next contest in the next few weeks.  Good luck to any of our future entrants.

If you entered our last contest, please click here to see if you were one of our lucky winners!

Free Xbox One Giveaway

Enter to win a free Microsoft Xbox One console, 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership subscriptions, or $50.00 Amazon gift cards.


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735 thoughts on “Free XBOX One Contest

  1. Can you choose me!? I have been with xbox since the beginning. It’s always great, the games are great, and Live is dominant! I want to get an xbox one, but sadly I have not the money. They will be doing many reboots of my favorite older games on the system. That would bring back soooo many memories!!! Please!

  2. i love Xbox, it is the best (way better than ps), i have had an Xbox 360 for a long time now and it freezes up constantly and the disk drive is acting up so i have to put the disc in about 10 times before it works so you can probably see why i need this Xbox One.

    plzz chose me!!!


  3. I would love to be picked. All I wanted for Christmas last year was an xbox one, but I wasn’t able to get it because it’s “too expensive”; so I spend everyday bored with my 360 because most of the new games I would like to play are for the next gen consoles. Hopefully I will get picked, but if not good luck to everyone else who’s commented.

  4. Hello. I am a 11 year old Indian girl. I would really like to win this because I have never had any gaming console and I would really like to have one. Since it is very expensive my mom and dad will not let me buy it. If I would be chooser as the winner I would be very happy.

  5. It was my childhood wish to be a gamer.I am very weak in studies.My parents dont like me playing games so they dont give me any gaming consoles,so i wish i would be chosen,as it is the only way to prove my skills.

  6. Good Luck my son has wanted one since they came out even said he was going to save his own money to get one 🙂

  7. I know I may not seem like much, I’m just the same as everyone else here, and I think everyone here deserves a chance to win, why? I’ve never won a thing in my life. I don’t everyone else to go through the same thing, all I’m asking for is that everyone here at lest gets something even if it’s not an Xbox One. Just like everyone else here, were all left behind and stuck on last-gen or no consoles because we don’t have enough money to get one. The reason I want one? To give one to a best friend who’s always been on my side even when I was down. 🙁

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