Amazing XBOX One Details and FAQ

While searching around the Internet for XBOX One information, we stumbled across the following infographic that has pretty much everything anyone could ask for when it comes to knowing about the XBOX One.  Huge props to /u/Nimbus Bear for designing this informative image.


XBOX One detailed specs and FAQ [designed by Nimbus Bear]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the image above truly lives up to that saying.  Click the image above to view the infographic and get all of your XBOX One questions answered in seconds!  Please be aware that this was created in June of 2013 and as changes are made, the infographic may need to be modified.

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34 thoughts on “Amazing XBOX One Details and FAQ

  1. Ive seen how Xbox One has a thing called Xbox Fitness where it has the Madness programs on there and I am questioning because I have currently bought the complete set 2 months back so does this mean I can put it on the Xbox One somehow and use the Kinect 2.0 functions?

  2. i have an xbox slim 360 but was wondering would it be worth upgrading to the xbox one just for the graphics ? and are the graphics even any better on the xbox one ??

  3. I was reviewing reviews on this 250gb HDD (I think it’s a knockoff) and they shared it didn’t take orginal xbox games Any examples of orginal Xbox games.

  4. can u play xbom games on a xbox 360

    old xbox games on new xbox 360
    sorry guys i ment xbox360 ames i can play on regular xbox(old).

  5. I was reviewing an older article about Major Nelson saying that the xbox 360 can connected into xbox one with hdmi in.
    “Absolutely; you can certainly plug an Xbox 360 in the back – that was among my first questions when I became aware of the [HDMI-in] feature.” -Significant Nelson
    I think this suggests we can play xbox 360 games on xbox one?

  6. I have an original xbox and I have had it for like 7 years I guess it lastly provided and it will not check out any discs any longer. So if I get an xbox 360 can I play my xbox games, generally halo 1 and 2.

  7. Exactly how do i play xbox live for regular xbox’s?
    Given that they don’t offer new xbox games any longer they don’t sell xbox live cards either!

  8. Ok, I have a friend in my village where I live, we both have Xbox Live and we can not message each various other since of the console distinction. Yet I have various other friends on Xbox Live who have 360’s and I can message them just fine. Are they just lying that they have a 360 or is there a way to make the 2 consoles able to message each various other?

  9. i wish to get a new gaming console and i am puzzled between xbox 360 slim 250gb and xbox one.
    i have no concept about xbox one’s price in india and its specs likewise. when xbox one will release in india
    what is the distinction btween both the consoles. which console shuld i buy.

  10. I have an original xbox and I have had it for like 7 years I think it lastly provided and it won’t check out any discs any longer. So if I get an xbox 360 can I play my xbox games, generally halo 1 and 2.

  11. Exactly how do i play xbox live for routine xbox’s?
    Because they don’t sell new xbox games any longer they don’t offer xbox live cards either!

  12. Individuals told me that if i made use of a xbox 360 card and redeemed that on with the gamertag that i have i would have the ability to make use of acount recuperation on the initial xbox and subscribe that way but when i use account recuperation it says that my gamertag is invalid.

  13. Hey I have a question even with the new one coming out which is a load of crap I’m not going to buy I was wondering if the new remodeled Xbox 360 that they made to look like the Xbox 1 is it still worth buying an Xbox 360 my main concern is if I buy Call of Duty ghost for Xbox 360 will there be major differences in the game between the console And the Xbox one version

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