Amazing XBOX One Details and FAQ

While searching around the Internet for XBOX One information, we stumbled across the following infographic that has pretty much everything anyone could ask for when it comes to knowing about the XBOX One.  Huge props to /u/Nimbus Bear for designing this informative image.


XBOX One detailed specs and FAQ [designed by Nimbus Bear]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the image above truly lives up to that saying.  Click the image above to view the infographic and get all of your XBOX One questions answered in seconds!  Please be aware that this was created in June of 2013 and as changes are made, the infographic may need to be modified.

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34 thoughts on “Amazing XBOX One Details and FAQ

  1. Ive seen how Xbox One has a thing called Xbox Fitness where it has the Insanity programs on there and I am wondering since I have already purchased the complete set 2 months ago so does this mean I can put it on the Xbox One somehow and use the Kinect 2.0 features?

  2. Yes I know Xbox is out, but I bought it awhile ago and now they have the Xbox 360, I was just wondering if I could play Xbox games in an Xbox 360 if I got one, or if I can play Xbox 360 games in an Xbox?

  3. okay…
    i was wonderin’, if i get an xbox 360 game for the regular original xbox console would the game play and if not what would happen…
    cause you can’t really find regular xbox games anymore and i was wonderin’ if we could just play the regular xbox 360 games in the original xbox so we can still play the games without buyin’ the xbox 360…
    thanks in advance… :)…

  4. Hey I have a concern even with the brand-new one coming out which is a load of foolishness I’m not going to buy I was questioning if the new renovated Xbox 360 that they made to look like the Xbox 1 is it still worth purchasing an Xbox 360 my major concern is if I get Call of Task ghost for Xbox 360 will there be significant distinctions in the game in between the console And the Xbox one variation

  5. I was checking out reviews on this 250gb HDD (I think it’s a knockoff) and they shared it didn’t take orginal xbox games Any examples of orginal Xbox games.

  6. I changed the password to my account on the xbox, its the the xbox live ID, its the one where you kind it in on the controller

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