All Prizes Are Ready…Who is going to win???

First and foremost, we just wanted to wish everyone on this site a happy Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful to have you checking out this site and entering our contest.  All of our competitors have been doing an awesome job and have really helped this site grow over the past few months.

Free Xbox One Day One Edtion Box

Just wanted to post an update that we have received all of our prizes for the first Free XBOX One Contest.  With only a few days left it looks like the grand prize is a toss up between only two people!  How about those odds for winning an XBOX One!  Our Amazon Gift card and XBOX Live membership prizes are more of a toss up though.  We look forward to the random drawing and contacting our winners!

We plan to launch another XBOX One contest shortly after this one ends.  Stay tuned for update about our next competition!

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46 thoughts on “All Prizes Are Ready…Who is going to win???

  1. Exactly what are you men greatful for this year? Football or otherwise it doesn’t matter. Football: I’m greatful that our team (mexico) has a couple of young bright stars with quite solid futures ahead of them. The FMF returned to the Sudamericana last. That the rightful owners of the Premiership title Manchester recaptured their title last season (and will doing this this season) Que al Cuau le fue muy bien en Chicago.
    Otherwise: I’m simply greatful for a lot of things in my life. I enjoy my gf & my mommy, sister, and bros. I’m delighted that I have a respectable job and school’s beautiful sweet. And i’m greatful i found this little piece of Mexican Futbol to make my day go easier. Everyone have a safe Thanksgiving & I hope you all having fun. Y si hacen tamales de pavo yo quiero uno.
    hey thank you dislike, guy u have an excellent one too … Rafa got suspended? that sux, if you si him me lo saludas.

  2. i just wished to want ya’ll a pleased thanksgiving. i wish you people all do something really fun for thanksgiving with ur family. make sure to have adinner and have everybody inform one thing that they are grateful for.
    as soon as again,.

  3. i simply wished to want ya’ll a happy thanksgiving. i wish you individuals all do something extremely fun for thanksgiving with ur family. make certain to have adinner and have everyone inform one thing that they are grateful for.
    when again,.

  4. I wish everybody has a terrific day today and can discover something to be happy for. I’m thankful for all the wonderful individuals I have actually can be found in contact right here.
    Let’s see if this gets deleted by miserable monsters. I’m sure I will win the appeal from the yahoo guys. So what if it’s not a question. I simply wish to state HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Individual with the best remark will get Finest Answer.

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