Our Win a Free Xbox One Giveaway YouTube Account

YouTube ProblemsJust wanted to provide you all a bit of information regarding our Free Xbox One YouTube account.  We received notification the other day that one of our promotional videos for the free Xbox One contest was in violation of YouTube’s terms of service.  When we tried to investigate which video for the Xbox One contest was the offender we learned that our entire channel and all of our videos had been removed from YouTube.

We are doing our best to work with YouTube to try and identify what the issue was and see if we can get our account reinstated.  Any points you earned from commenting on our free Xbox One giveaway promotional videos should still be present for your Xbox One contest account.  In the mean time, please feel free to click on the new video links on our Xbox One contest page.  If you do not see the links and you have entered into our free Xbox One giveaway be sure that you link your YouTube account to your Xbox One contest account.

If you have not yet entered our free Xbox One giveaway their is still plenty of time to do so.  Signing up is easy with Facebook or Google+.  Earn tons of points just by doing what you normally do online everyday!  Like us on Facebook, leave comments on our blog posts.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet about the contest!  The more you promote the contest on social networking sites, the more points you can earn.  Each person who clicks on your promotional links earn you a point, and if anyone joins the contest after clicking your link you get an additional 50 points!  Be sure to check out the free Xbox One giveaway tutorial video to see how to earn over 1000 points a day!

As we work through our issues with YouTube we hope that you continue to support the free Xbox One giveaway contest.  Please continue to promote your link and leave comments on our new YouTube channel and videos until we resolve the problem with our old Xbox One giveaway account.

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46 thoughts on “Our Win a Free Xbox One Giveaway YouTube Account

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  3. Exist any websites around that will deliver a cost-free xbox 360 to Ireland. I have seen some that will deliver to the US if you total offers and refer people, but none for Ireland. Also exists any method of navigating the offers, as I do not elegant paying cash or giving my charge card details to dodgy business.

  4. I hear the word free being tossed around, however how free? If I spend for Xbox Live (at exactly what, $15/month) and do not pay for Netflix service, can I utilize Netflix on Xbox Live? Or do I have to pay for both services (making it practically $30/month total)?

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