New XBOX One Giveaway Begins Tonight at 12:00 AM PST

Win A Free Xbox OneIt is the post you have all been waiting for…we’re launching our new XBOX One giveaway tonight at midnight!  This contest will work in a similar fashion to our previous one. whereby participants must first register for the contest with either their Facebook account, Google account, or email address.  Once registered, users will see a variety of options to earn points toward the contest prizes.  The prizes are as follows:

Three (3) $50.00 Amazon Gift Cards, which requires at least 1500 points to qualify for.

Two (2) 12 Month Subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold.  This requires users to obtain at least 3000 points to qualify.

One (1) XBOX One console.  To be eligible for our grand prize, contestants need to have at least 5000 points.

To learn about the various methods one can earn points and for full details of our contest visit our rules and regulations page.   Participants are eligible to win multiple prizes so long as they gain enough points for each prize.  Anyone who qualifies for the XBOX One console has also automatically qualified for the Amazon Gift Card and Xbox Live Gold Membership drawings.  At the end of our contest each person who has qualified for a prize will be randomly drawn by our software.  This contest will run until 11:59 PM on February 28, 2014.  Winners will be announced on March 1st, 2014.

We wish all of our contestants the best of luck and thank you for your interest in our free XBOX One contest.

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49 thoughts on “New XBOX One Giveaway Begins Tonight at 12:00 AM PST

  1. are there any new jb contests??

    lets just get this over with…im 17, yes i love the jonas brothers. i dont give a crap if you dont
    why do u ppl keep saying I’m not 17….why would i lie about how old i am.

  2. ok so i wanna enter this dress creating contest

    but i cant see the policies since i don’t have something downloaded. im uncertain if thats the trouble but i think it is. so if someone could access the rules and copy and paste them as an answer that would be amazing !! please and thanks !!!!
    thanks a lot emily, but i don’t think all of it was on there, i think it got cut off. so if u can complete it that would be outstanding! thanks!

  3. I’m setting up a brand-new contest, which I have actually never ever done prior to. I usually just sign up with contests! I’ve become aware of including prizes, but I don’t understand what to provide out. Do I even should have prizes?

    Please describe!

    Thanxxx.:] This is it:.

    Please sign up with!

  4. Likewise, exactly how long will it be until microsoft comes out with a brand-new xbox, as i do not desire to buy one and 6 months later on a new one comes out.

  5. Why does every contest say open to all us residents but is void in hawaii and alaska? does that indicate that anyone living there have no shot of winning anything that’s void in hawaii or alaska?

  6. I do not have any Microsoft Points so I want to get them by joining a Nascar 09 contest. The problem is that I cannot find any!

  7. Will Doritos and Xbox do another round of the Unlock Xbox contest? I’ve got a game concept I REALLY wish to submit!

  8. Has any individual discovered the Proper answer to the “Slide into beaches household waterparks” clue on the xbox contest? I do not need to know exactly what it is, I just require to understand where to look since I searched the site all over and found numerous green xs however none of them were proper. If you’ve found it can you provide me a link or something?
    no, I’ve already existed and discovered nothing that works, all the ones I have actually discovered are not the right ones, I require the page with the right one on it … they put a lot of green xs on that site …

  9. ok initially i do not want an entire paragraph for an answer about what Elements are in what. simply inform me which is better.

  10. Hello there so just recently I’ve stumbled into rather a thinker in my life and I was questioning if you individuals might be able to help me sort with it.

    So its like this, I entered this contest to win an all cost paid journey to New York City and won! I was very ecstatic! The contest was sponsored by a legitimate corporation, endorsed by legitimate individuals. It wasnt one of those “click her to win a free dvd gamer” kinda things.

    However when I informed my dad this, he just laughed it off. He said that there is no complimentary things in this life and that I’m gonna have to pay back all the cash I would have paid to go to the journey totally one method or another, he mentioned something about taxes …

    So I ‘d actually such as some explanation right here. Its a real contest by an actual company, but is it actually cost-free as they safe? Or is their some kinda hidden legality behind it in which I’m gonna owe the business refund one means or another? Or are my taxes gonna soar?

    I ‘d quite appreciate any clarification on the matter due to the fact that I ‘d truly such as to go however I can’t afford the initial costs if I need to repay it in some way later.

  11. Anyone the contest for jonas xbox that jonas goes to your residence to play xbox with you yet? i put my e-mail nothing showed up who won yet. so wonder any one else get message

  12. I’m a respectable drawer and i’ve always desired an xbox 360, so. Exists an illustration contest that has an xbox 360 as a reward.
    ps. Does not have to be kinect.

  13. I have a couple of points and i was questioning if i quote on an auction and lose, do i get them back or are they lost? Thank you so much! Have a terrific day

  14. Me and my papa are thinking of purchasing an PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360.
    I’m questioning which one i need to get. And can you inform me a couple of ideas about the PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360.:).
    Thank you.

  15. Hey,.
    Is there any winners of the Every 2 Minutes contest that are gifting a few of their indicate other individuals trying to win one? Please help me and other players win an Xbox One. Thank you for reading.

  16. ok first i do not desire a whole paragraph for an answer about exactly what Parts are in what. simply tell me which is better.

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