New Promotional Video for Next Free Xbox One Contest

In preparation for our next XBOX One Contest we have put together a new video.  The contest is going to function the same way as the previous one did but with additional videos in which you can comment on to earn points.  Check out the video below for a look at the upcoming contest.

The contest will feature the same prize model with an XBOX One being the grand prize, 12 Month XBOX Live Gold Memberships being second tier prize with multiple winners, and $50.00 Amazon Gift Cards being the third tier Prize with multiple winners.  The contest will launch by the end of the week so keep your eyes one this site, follow us on Twitter, or check out our Facebook page for up to the minute information as to when the contest will run.  The sooner you enter the better chance you have to gain points for the XBOX One sweepstakes drawing.   Anyone who is eligible for each prize will be placed into that prize sweepstakes where our software will randomly draw winners.  If you get enough points for the XBOX One, you also qualify for the 12 Months subscription to XBOX Live, as well as the Amazon Gift Card prize.  Our previous contest had the best odds out of any contest online for winning an XBOX One.  Our last winner has a one in four shot at winning the grand prize!  While we can not promise the same odds in our new contest a 25% chance of winning our last contest should be a good motivational factor for anyone to enter and participate in our new one.
If you want to enter to win an xbox one be sure to keep your eyes on our page and social media pages.  Our next post should be the one announcing the new contest!

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28 thoughts on “New Promotional Video for Next Free Xbox One Contest

  1. My mate rented an XBox 360 from the video establishment with a couple of games. He completed the games and chose to play online. So he made an XBox Live account on the leased Xbox. Now he’s purchasing an Xbox 360 and he would like to know if he can utilize his Live account he created on the leased Xbox or does he have to make a new Live account?
    Hes already returned it though …

  2. I heard that the new update can make your xbox not read games. So my xbox hasn’t had the ability to review games well for a while and I was questioning if I called xbox and stated that the new upgrade broke my xbox do you think they would send me a new xbox.

  3. I have an original xbox and I have had it for like 7 years I think it lastly offered and it will not check out any discs anymore. So if I get an xbox 360 can I play my xbox games, mainly halo 1 and 2.

  4. I have an xbox initial with controlers and i was questioning if there was any method to transform xbox initial contorllers to a xbox 360?

  5. The amount of is an xbox … can you describe to me how xbox live works and exactly how much it costs. I require to know this prior to i get and xbox 360:).

  6. i want to buy a new gaming console and i am confused between xbox 360 slim 250gb and xbox one.
    i have no idea about xbox one’s price in india and its specs also.when xbox one will release in india
    what is the difference btween both the consoles. which console shuld i buy .

  7. i have an xbox slim 360 but was wondering would it be worth updating to the xbox one just for the graphics? and are the graphics even any better on the xbox one ??

  8. So … Yes I desire one however clearly there going to be too expensive. I have a Xbox 360 and i desire to understand how long they will keep making Xbox 360 games.

  9. im questioning the best ways to get xbox live for the original xbox system. please don’t share that the 360 is much better and to obtain one instead its kinda annoying

  10. i have an xbox slim 360 however was questioning would it be worth updating to the xbox one simply for the graphics? and are the graphics even any much better on the xbox one ??

  11. I’m looking into buying an Xbox. I heard the one isnt suppose to be good. Apparently you can’t play Xbox 360 games on it. And I’ve heard a lot good things about the Xbox 360. I know there are different types of Xbox 360s like the slim and elite. What are the differences? And which game console will be worth my money?

  12. Ive seen how Xbox One has a thing called Xbox Fitness where it has the Insanity programs on there and I am wondering since I have already purchased the complete set 2 months ago so does this mean I can put it on the Xbox One somehow and use the Kinect 2.0 features?

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