Free Xbox One Contest Ending Soon!

Free Xbox One Giveaway Contest Ending SoonOur second free Xbox One Contest is ending in just under two weeks!  Luckily it’s still not too late to qualify to win a free Xbox One console, 12 month subscriptions to Xbox Live, and $50.00 Amazon Gift cards!  Even if you are just starting our Xbox One giveaway, you still have plenty of time to earn your points just by promoting the contest through popular avenues of social media!  Remember you can earn 200 points a day by posting about the Xbox One giveaway on Facebook and Twitter alone.  Combining that with YouTube’s daily point limits and commenting on our blog posts, you can earn thousands of points per day which will definitely make you eligible for our free Xbox One grand prize.

If you have yet to see our free Xbox One tutorial video, be sure to check it out as it breaks down all of the ninja tactics to earn the most points on a daily basis for the Xbox One giveaway!  Remember we are holding a legitimate Xbox One contest!  All you need to do is promote our contest which earns you points in our random drawing at the close of the free Xbox One giveaway!  We never force you to download any software nor do we have you complete any surveys to win any of our prizes!  Do not fall for those Xbox One scam sites that make you complete a bunch of random things only to get you nowhere.

Our free Xbox One giveaway ends right around the release of one of the most anticipated games in 2014, Titanfall.  Imagine being able to play this new epic game on Microsoft’s latest next-gen console.  While we cannot include the game in our Xbox One giveaway, it is definitely something our winner will want to take for a test drive.  If you are interested in demoing Titanfall or any other game for that matter, please visit GameFly as they are helping us hold these contests.  Using out exclusive link on the right of the site, you can join GameFly for free for 30 days!  It is a lot better to rent a game and see if it is your thing rather than spending $60.oo or more only to end up with a game you hate.  If you want to see more Xbox One contests from us in the future be sure to check out GameFly and help support our site by signing up under our link.

Again, this free Xbox One giveaway is ending at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on February 28th, 2014.  Our Xbox One contest winners will be announced shortly afterwards on this website and our free Xbox One contest winners will be contacted by our staff for prize delivery information.  As always best of luck to all of our free Xbox One contest participants!

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15 thoughts on “Free Xbox One Contest Ending Soon!

  1. Simply questioning if any individual can point me in the direction of a tutorial or compose one yourself that tells me how to hotswap between xbox to xbox and softmod it during the process. i require to know everything. how to hotswap, the files i require to hotswap/softmod programs etc. im gonna install evox and i already have the bootdisk for it so yea … oh and if there is a bootdisk i need to softmod it please tell me the files i should put on the disk. thankyou.

  2. Hey,
    Is there any winners of the Every 2 Minutes contest that are gifting some of their points to other people trying to win one? Please help me and other gamers win an Xbox One. Thank you for reading.

  3. When my sims go to work, I can hear everything that’s going on in the structure. However I cannot see it. is it like that on COMPUTER or is it the same?
    Exactly what are the differences on sims 3 for computer and xbox?

  4. i want to buy among these however i have no idea which one. can you inform me which one Worth’s my money and i don’t care just how much it costs

  5. Alright, so i just moved and my cord doesn’t reach so i had to buy a 100 dollar wireless adapter problem is not its not working, it says the signal is connected and the light is green i typed in all those stupid ip adresses and stuff nothing is working i don’t know what else to do!!

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