More Consoles Are Likely From Microsoft After Xbox One Success

Cloud Services Could Kill Game ConsolesThe VP of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, believes that hardware-based consoles will not become outdated anytime quickly. When asked on Twitter if the Xbox One will be the last console to make use of local hardware, Spencer stated that he didn’t think so.

Recently at 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Microsoft competitor Sony announced the development of the PlayStation Now, an upcoming cloud-based service that will make the PlayStation network more easily accessible to players. PlayStation Now will permit users to log in to their PlayStation accounts through Sony televisions, smartphones and tablets, anywhere and anytime. The service, which will launch during summer of 2014. The new service will give subscribers access to play titles instantly throughout a wide variety of different devices. Sony plans to introduce a collection of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles. Since the service is hosted in a cloud, users have the alternative to take games with them. As long as you can access your Sony Entertainment Network account on a compatible device, your games and save status will be available wherever you are playing from.

The news of the PlayStation Now service has left some market experts asking if console hardware will ultimately become unneeded. As broadband speeds continue to get faster and storage media continues to decline in price it is feasible to think that by the time the next generation of gaming comes to be, our Smart Televisions could handle video games directly.  Smart televisions are already on the Internet, it would only make sense for Sony to build in the ability to play games directly through one of their television sets, and potentially license that technology to other television vendors.  Microsoft could also do the same and get out of the actual hardware business altogether.

Based on the beliefs of Phil Spencer, streaming video games and cloud-based services will not be a major factor in the near future, but other industry professionals think that with the speed of technical innovations, the cloud could one day render home gaming consoles worthless. How to you feel about cloud based gaming and being able to just download or stream your video games from servers located on the Internet?  Let us know in the comment area!

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